FL Keys: Fridays + Friends


January 4, 2013 by Nikko Azan

© All Rights ReservedWelcome to the Florida Keys!

Its been a good little while since my last blog entry. Dominique and I have aged a little since last time as you can see lol. I’m only kidding, I don’t know them but they sure look like they’re having a good time right? Right? Well maybe not, but hey its the Florida Keys and thats what you do in the Florida Keys. A whole lot of nothing but maxing on relaxing!

For anyone who is actually listening…or…reading I should say lol…sorry for my mini hiatus, Dominique and I went home to Jamaica for a couple weeks for my cousin’s wedding and Christmas vacation! I actually logged in today to do a blog post on our trip and remembered that I had started this one back in December and kind of left it hanging.

So without further adieu, here is the Florida Keys post with our bestest of friends visiting from out of town that I promised last month during my IHOP blog post.

© All Rights ReservedOur day started here, in our kitchen on a Friday morning.

Yes…I bailed on work for them lol.

Dominique whipped up some breakfast for us before we set off on our way. She loves making breakfast, I just like eating it. I just realized that just about all of my blog posts have food in them…coincidence? Before in the other posts maybe, but with Mel and Tyler, definitely not.

All we do when we get together is eat~

© All Rights ReservedThis is Naomi. She is Mel and Tyler’s baby girl. She’s only one and is a full time eater too incase you couldn’t tell. We let her hang with us since she knows how to put away large quantities of food like we can.

© All Rights ReservedSo back to our story. All fed and ready to go we loaded up the swagger wagon and set off on our way.

Naomi clearly had the Miami thing under control!

© All Rights ReservedIn case the purple shades and MC Hammer didn’t give it away, Tyler is as hard as they come. Not really but we acted it out anyway riding through the hood…my hood…which is actually quite safe lol.

© All Rights ReservedShortly after hitting the open road everyone passed out…everyone except Tyler and I obviously since he was driving and I was taking pictures.

Time for a coffee break.

© All Rights ReservedWelcome to La Casa De Los Jugos…which translates to “The Juice House”. Mel, Tyler and I used to stop here for coffee on the way to the Keys during our bike rides back when they still lived in Florida….wayyy before Naomi was born.

In case you were wondering why we stopped at the House of Juice for coffee. We already knew they served it lol.

© All Rights ReservedInside The Juice House, Tyler sorts out some coffee for us and the comatose crew back in the swagger wagon. Being scarce of interesting things to photograph I head back outside to see what I can find.

© All Rights ReservedOne photo of D being a clown, one signature photo of our feet for the House of Juice stop and we’re back to the van for some Cuban coffee to kick our trip back in gear!

© All Rights Reserved

Back in the swagger wagon Tyler serves up some intense shots of caffeine….see how awake they all are now? Even Naomi is wondering what the heck is going on!

Next stop —-> Islamorada Fish Company~

© All Rights ReservedThe Islamorada Fish Company is a quaint little seaside restaurant that we have been coming to for a few years. About an hour and half from the house it makes for a nice ride and lunch on the weekend which Dominique and I do a couple times a year.

And no I don’t mean bicycle ride, we’re skinny but that doesn’t mean we’re fit. Since D is more than likely going to read this at some point let me rephrase that…she is fit, I am definitely not lol.

I motor my way down here.

© All Rights ReservedAccessible by land, water and air as this rather large pelican demonstrates, this is obviously the place to be! No matter what time of year you stumble in the sun will be hot, the water will be blue, the trees will be green and food will be delicious! They make a whole bunch of different stuff whether you’re into seafood or not…but me…I come for the oysters!

© All Rights ReservedSo naturally those are first on deck! Mel and Tyler don’t fancy oysters too much so D and I dust them off real quick while we wait on the main course~

The part I hate most about oysters is sucking them out the shell. With that said here is a little trick that will kick your oyster eating game up a notch. I guarantee you’ll like it. Next time you order oysters ask them for a shot glass too. Scoop one oyster into the glass then add your condiments on top. We like garlic, lemon juice and the mysterious red sauce. Next grind up a little black pepper over it and top it off with about a half inch of your favorite beer. Yes…beer. Swirl it around a little, knock glasses with your significant other then tilt your head back and down the hatch it goes. DEELISHSUS! Don’t believe me? Try it out and get back to me!

© All Rights ReservedNaomi who was also waiting somewhat patiently for her food got bored and decided she wanted daddy’s glasses. Having failed on several attempts she quickly turns to mommy’s…she always gets her way with Mel lol.


© All Rights ReservedI also did my own fair share of fooling around while we waited on the food ^_^

In order from the top…me, my ladies and another set of feet under the table for our lunch stop~

© All Rights ReservedD plays with her new Fuji x10 that I got her a couple days before. This little brother to my x100 is just awesome! She was totally smitten with it if you couldn’t tell lol. I did return it this weekend however having found out that the successor, Fuji’s x20, was being announced this coming Monday. It now comes in two-tone silver and black like the x100 for a more retro look and will feature an updated EXR II processor and viewfinder with a digital overlay that is actually usable in comparison to the current glass box. Cant wait!! I really do love what fuji has been doing lately. My Canon kit has never been so rested~

© All Rights ReservedFinally the food starts showing up! Naomi is totally excited lol. The food was good so that was it for the photos for a while. I’m sure you can understand~

© All Rights ReservedAfter lunch we went for a stroll over by the boardwalk. Isn’t Naomi the cutest little thing?

When I first found out Mel was pregnant and that they would be moving to Ohio to be closer to Tyler’s family I was so upset. I was losing my very good friends…to an unborn baby!

After she arrived and blessed our lives all those feelings vanished. I wouldn’t have had it any other way…plus we’ve since been to Ohio to visit them and had a blast! I haz many loves for them~

© All Rights ReservedTook a few more snaps while Naomi played around in that chair. She really liked it for some reason and gave quite the fight to leave lol.

One quick stop at the restroom before we hit the road…

© All Rights ReservedAnd were outta here~!

© All Rights ReservedOn the way back to Miami we came up on this cool little place called The Rain Barrel. Ok I have to admit, it doesn’t sound that exciting or enticing. We actually stopped because they had a hugemongous lobster outside. Then once we stopped the girls saw a sign saying this way for the shops…and that was that.

Never let women see the words “shop” or “shops”.


© All Rights ReservedSee what I mean…look how happy they get at the thought of spending our money lol.

© All Rights ReservedIn their defense the place was kind of interesting..

© All Rights ReservedWhile other things were just creepy! Dont worry, we wont be going anywhere near over there lol.

© All Rights ReservedThere were places we were allowed to go..

© All Rights ReservedAnd places we weren’t!

© All Rights ReservedMel took some photos that probably looked like this…you know since I dont have her memory card lol

© All Rights ReservedAnd I took some that looked kinda like this. Yes…I still have to say cheese sometimes with her believe it or not!

© All Rights ReservedAnd of course…to remind us of our “stop” at The Rain Barrel~

© All Rights ReservedI did one for Tyler and Naomi also…she’s so tiny we can’t even see her feet!

Tiny or not, she sure does have a kung fu grip on daddy’s finger lol

© All Rights ReservedWell thats all folks :) Thanks for reading along through another blog post with my x100 that I still love to pieces despite the upcoming x100s :( Ill wait and see how the reviews go before I decide to jump ship. The “split prism” focusing method really intrigues me being that a lot of my older cameras have that antiquated feature lol.

Stay tuned for some photos and stories from our Christmas vacation coming soon~!

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  1. Brad says:

    good trip

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