Miami: The Last Supper

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January 18, 2013 by Nikko Azan

© All Rights ReservedWelcome to Miller’s Ale House in Kendall…the site of the Last Supper.

As the week with our visiting friends wound down I knew this moment would come. What moment you might ask? Our last grub of course! I told you in the Florida Keys post that this is all we do! The Last Supper sounds way more emotional than it should lol They’re only going home and we will be visiting them soon…but before any of that happens…wings and beer on deck!

Come on in and join us for the Last Supper~

© All Rights ReservedMiller’s Ale House is your typical sports bar located in the heart of Kendall, an overpopulated neighborhood slash area thingy in the suburbs of Southwest Miami.

Wait a minute. There I go lying again.

It’s actually one of many Ale Houses in the Miami area. Dominique and I are Saturday afternoon regulars at the location by the Falls Shopping Mall near our home. Our Saturday morning bike ride usually ends with a belly full of beer and chicken wing juice running down my chin. I am a chicken wing eating machine! Thats about all we really come here for, the other stuff is really not worth mentioning so I wont. For any Ale House staff members that might come across this…ooops…but seriously someone needs to find out who the heck Miller is and tell him to step the menu up~

© All Rights ReservedBack to the Last Supper. Tyler and I ordered water for the girls and we had beer. Why do we get beer and they get water? Because we are men! lol Hooray beer!

© All Rights ReservedThats Tyler getting ready to pound one….mmm…as I type this that photo is making me so thirsty!

Hold tight…I’ll be right back!

© All Rights ReservedSorry had to go grab one ^__^

Ok so back to what I was saying. See…men like beer. Take these two specimens for example. These two gents came alone, are sitting alone and yet have a bucket of beer to drink all by themselves. Each.

Case and point. Hooray beer!

© All Rights ReservedBefore we go any further let me introduce the disciples of our Last Supper.

This is Tyler and Mel, you should already know them from the Keys~ They’re the reason we’re here!

© All Rights ReservedD and me or me and D…lol…I’ve been known to bust a rhyme every now and again.

No autographs please.

You should definitely know us by now!

© All Rights ReservedThis is Laurie, Mel’s big sister and Mel’s friend from school. Sorry Mel’s friend from school, I’m terrible with names and by this point I’d been drinking :S

There was also another fellow from Mel’s school…he wears a green shirt on this night of the Last Supper, but for some reason he escaped me. Good thing because I didn’t catch his name either…oops.

© All Rights ReservedThen there’s these guys…they kinda just sat down after our buckets of beer arrived and started laughing at all our jokes. Odd….but they were pretty cool so we let them stay until the chicken wings showed up.

Then they had to go.

Just kidding, Tony ^__^

© All Rights ReservedA couple beers later, still no chicken wings, anxiety sets in.

Tyler starts building a “splenda house” to instagram.

Check my homeboy out representing Jamaica on behalf of his wife lol. Bap! Bap! Mel is Jamaican also, that’s where we met…way back in the 80s when we were kids. I’m glad she chose Tyler, I actually like him more than her now~

I’m gonna be in so much trouble lol.

© All Rights ReservedSee…I love him lol.

© All Rights ReservedI instagrammed a few photos too. Not.

Pfftt! I wish the x100 had built in wifi and the capability to run apps like instagram. Then it would be the ultimate camera! I mean, you already know by now how strongly I feel about this camera, Dominique swears we’re having an affair, but I do see some room for improvement beyond what is being offered in the x100s update. One day cameras will do it all, and it will be in the form of a phone.

Yes a phone.

I firmly believe pocketable cameras are going extinct with the evolution of the “mobile phone camera”. They can already make calls, text, play music, do the instagram thing…all they need is a decent camera with a size-able sensor and BAM…loads of other devices will disappear in favor of the one-stop-shop do it all iPhone (insert number here).

Remember…when it happens…you heard it here first!

No autographs please.

© All Rights ReservedBack on topic, thats Laurie grilling me for busting her getting friendly with the dude in the green shirt I mentioned earlier.

Sorry playa! Carry on lol!~

© All Rights ReservedFinally the food arrives! First on deck some cholesterol infused, heart stopping bacon cheesy fries. My arteries are so excited! lol

© All Rights ReservedFollow up by an assortment of chicken wings~ As you can see it didnt take long for people to start digging in!

I know, I know, it doesn’t seem like a lot of food for so many people. Well think again, this was just for the 4 of us ^_^

© All Rights ReservedAnd just like that…we went from this to that!. The aftermath, clearly a dangerous place to be a chicken wing lol.

© All Rights ReservedTyler – “Hey honey…ummm…we’re taking that home right?”

© All Rights ReservedMel – “Did he really just ask me for my chicken wing?”

Grey Shirt Dude – “yeah…yup, sure sounded like he did, right Tony?”

© All Rights ReservedMel – “Ha…he must be drunk…he wishes I was sharing them wings with him”

© All Rights ReservedMel – “Matter of fact lemme keep an eye on the doggy bag, cant trust no one these days, not even my own husband”

© All Rights ReservedAnd last but not least, dessert.

Yeah…Tyler and I didnt get any -___-


© All Rights ReservedAnd this concludes the Last Supper. We’re sure gonna miss you guys. See ya soon~!

Stay tuned for our Ohio blog post coming sometime in the near future. Thanks for following along, hope you enjoyed!


© All Rights Reserved

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